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    MBA course after 2 years of experience in Software company?

    I am in a great dilemma now. Itís been 2 years since I have joined the software company and right now I got a good offer for MBA course in US and I have no idea whether to take it or not. Can you all please suggest me to take a wise decision? Will it be good for me to do MBA now? Will it help for my career growth?

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    Re: MBA course after 2 years of experience in Software company?

    Go for m.b.a course in u.s as you have worked in a software company for about 2years then it will be great doing mba as you will have more global exposure in u.s and you will find job in u.s itself... How long will you do job in software company..move on you find get great job after doing your m.b.a as business analyst and financial analyst .. You will develop in international market and will have bright future..all the best

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    Re: MBA course after 2 years of experience in Software company?


    The time is right for you to make the move. You have gathered two years of valuable experience in a
    software company. Now, you are a seasoned professional. Your professional expertise will be in great
    demand in various industries. But you should pursue your MBA from USA. Getting MBA from USA will
    change your life forever. You will be able to meet people of different race, culture, profession and
    academic backgrounds. The international exposure will be of immense help to your professional career.
    These the options will be much bigger compared to india. You should not loose this golden opportunity.
    A very bright future is waiting for you.


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