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    Maths teacher in my college promotes rote learning amongst the students

    I am the Principal of a private engineering college. One of the newly appointed teachers in my college promotes rote learning in the maths lecture. This is against the education system and not good for the students also. She has been appointed by the BOard of Directors of the college. Please suggest what steps should I take against her.

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    Re: Maths teacher in my college promotes rote learning amongst the students

    Hello Friend,

    Well, people like her should never be gieven the responsibilty to teach students math. Math is a very difficult subject to teach so the teacher should be very good otherwise she will never be able to handle the situation. It does not matter whether the person is appointed by the Board of Directors of the Collge or not. If she uses any wrong teaching methos then she should be held responsible for her action.

    You have to talk to the Board of Directors and convey your dissatisfaction over the teaching of this newly appointed teacher. They are the perople responsible to take action aganist the fellow. Teaching is a very noble profession but unfortunately these days due to some people like her people tend to look at teachers with scepticism.


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    Re: Maths teacher in my college promotes rote learning amongst the students

    hello guest,
    rote learning is really bad and old style.
    students generally dislike it and also it is not good to develop skills.
    so,you should first suggest that teacher to change her style so that students can get benefit of her.
    after that if she is not changing her teaching style then you should warn or punish her as you are the principal of the college.
    in engineering college,students are there to learn and develop the skills not to memories the things.
    so,surely she is doing wrong with the future of the students.take action soon so that student should not suffer.
    thank you!!

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    Re: Maths teacher in my college promotes rote learning amongst the students

    Rote learning:memorization by repitition.
    Mathematics is a very important subject for engineering students as they have to deal with different form of derivatives,integrations both theoritically and experimentally.
    If any student follows the rote learning then he/she who is get used for rote learning cannot do any other type of problems which are used for practical purpose,If any problem of different model is given in the exam then the students cannot attempt the sums.so,you first know about the students who are against the lecture,In engineering complaints are given to the principle.so,all the students should go the lecture and have to say her that they want different model of problems and they don't want rote learning.then,she will say good problems.
    Board of Directors will appoint the lectures who have good knowledge about the subject so,if the students once ask her then she will definetly change and teach in better way.
    all the best
    thank you

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