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    Maternity leave provision during third child

    I am expecting my third child but my boss has stated that I won’t be able to claim the same days for maternity leave as it the third child. I tried to clarify the doubt with the HR manager but of no respite. Please guide me in finding a solution. Does maternity leave provisions are associated with first two childs?

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    Re: Maternity leave provision during third child

    Hi friend

    I personally think that your boss is definitely right in this case as you are going against the norms of Family welfare program. You should know that as a part of Family welfare program you should restrict yourself to 2 children and thus don't think about having more children as that leads to population explosion problem which is affecting our country in a very bad way. That's one of the reasons why most employers don't provide you maternity leave facilities when you are bearing your 3rd child as that is against the norms of family planning and welfare.

    So you definitely cannot challenge your boss in this matter. You should have tried to understand your responsibility in this matter and should not have gone beyond 2 children. The mistake is yours and you should better not show your resistance against the same. even such amendments may have been made in the Maternity act to accomodate the family welfare program. So your boss is not wrong here and you should try to obey him in this matter. I hope that you understand my point.

    Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Maternity leave provision during third child

    well it is right, as this is mentioned in the family welfare program. you can have two children only, to avoid population explosion.
    but now if you are expecting the baby, your health is as important as it was earlier. but you can restrict your self with the leaves now.
    you can continue your work but with less burden. talk to your boss that your health can not be neglected just because it is your 3rd baby. as that is your personal matter. you can ask him to leesen up your work . that would help you.
    if you really need the leaves you can leave the job.

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