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    Maternity leave issues with colleagues and management

    Recently, my boss asked me about my maternity leave plans. My female colleagues feel that I am running away from hectic schedules. I worried about my health due to the mounting work pressure and indifference from management. What should I do?

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    Re: Maternity leave issues with colleagues and management

    Hi friend

    Every female employee has the right of availing the maternity leave and you are no exception to that . You are eligible to avail your maternity leave when you have completed atleast 160 days in your company. If you haven't you are not eligible to avail your leave. The second rule, if you fulfiil the first one, according to the Maternity Benefit's Act, is that you can avail your maternity leave only 3 months before your expected date of delivery i.e. when you are around 6 months pregnant. So if you are 6 months pregnant at this point and believe that your health will suffer due to excessive work stress, then you should definitely avail your maternity leave. Dont bother what the others are saying as this is the most important and crucial time for you.

    At this time the most important thing for you is to take good care of your health and of your baby. Eat well and consume extra calories as necessary and as indicated by your doctor. Eat healthy and take adequate rest. Dont take any stress at this point. Your baby is the most important for you at this moment.

    I hope you understand me. Dont care what others think. Do waht is the best for you. Have a safe delivery. Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Maternity leave issues with colleagues and management

    hello madam You have right to get maternity leaves.A female employees who complete atleast six months of pregnancy, is available for maternity leaves.you can write on a simple note regarding this and leave will be sanctioned.You should not take any pressure of working in last stages of delivery.But a problem create for new employees of job security so she fear about it but The ability of handling pressure in this conditions is very worse.The female employees need some time for adjustment in the environment of work culture of the professional world..You should not care the job even you should think about your baby and will be healthy.Every female employee has the right to availing leave but new employees don't get salary of leave.thanks

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