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    Maternity leave in the first month of joining

    My assistant was hired three months ago. Within the first month of joining, she declared that she is pregnant. Now she is querying about maternity leave. Please help me with a solution.

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    Re: Maternity leave in the first month of joining


    Work as per company rules and regulation....
    * If in rule it is written that no employee can claim for leave in first 6 month then follow that.
    * If company do not follow any strict rules regarding this then can be given leave...

    -- The fact fully depends on company memorandum and rules design.
    * So run your mind and you will get the solution.


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    Re: Maternity leave in the first month of joining

    Hi friend

    You should know that according to the Maternity Benefit's Act , a female employee who is pregnant is eligible for taking maternity leave only when she has completed atleast 6 months in the company. So as your assistant has completeed only 3 months till now, she is not eligible for maternity leave. And also the maternity leave can only be availed when the female is atleast 6 months pregnant. So after 3 months , when your assistant would be 6 months pregnant then she would be eligible to avail the maternity leave as by then she would have also completed her 6 months in the company.

    But if she is really feeling sick and not able to handle the pressure, you may give her some days off on sick or medical leave. Also you can discuss her case with your management as a special case and maybe allow her to take the maternity leave earlier. But according to the government rules, as I told you before she can only avail her leave after another 3 months.

    I hope you understand friend. Dont let her lose her job as everyone deserves a chance. Good luck.I hope you do what is just

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    Re: Maternity leave in the first month of joining

    Hello !!!

    yes, it is right that maternity leave is compulsory and no one can ignore it.
    but let me tell you that 1 month pregnant lady cannot have maternity leave.
    since, pregnant lady is capable to do all the mental and physical work till her 6th and 7th month of pregnancy.
    so, she cant get her maternity leave till 6th month of her pregnancy.
    so, just make her clear about this.

    hope me too clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.
    pushp ranjan singh

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    Re: Maternity leave in the first month of joining

    hello ..

    no need to worry about that situation.

    maternity leave is fixed that may not be ignored by any one.

    no can stop the your maternity leave at time of first month joining also

    so directly contact the HR management they give more information about your maternity leave.

    i hope these may helpful to you

    all the best

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