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    Is it mandatory to pay the amount in breaking the 2 years of bond?

    Hi ...

    I am working for an IT company from past 4 months. I really didnt like the job and the pressure is more and i am unable to concentrate and work. I decided to break the bond and leave the company.I dont want to pay the penalty i.e 75,000rs. can we abscond?? will there be any legal proceedings from company??? Will i have to face any legal problems if i leave without paying money. I dont need any experience letters.I really wanna quit the company...please advice....

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    Re: Is it mandatory to pay the amount in breaking the 2 years of bond?

    Every company signs a bond with its employee so that there employees doesn't leave them in midway which increase there problems in maintaining the work balance. As you didn't like your job and want to leave the company which is completely your decision than you can break the bond but you will have to pay the penalty as you have signed the agreement which says that you have pay if you break the bond. If you will not pay than they can take a legal action on you as they have all rights to do that. It would be better if you could try and modify your way of working and time management to adjust more properly to the job.

    As you are new so it is possible that you feel things really tough, but if you try and make things not overload you than you can better work in this condition, see you are not alone who is working in such condition there are many others also you can take help from them and learn from there experience that how they overcome such things. Moreover if you will leave this company and join other one than how you are sure that you will not find such work load there. So before taking any such decision try and understand these points.Even then after you don't think that it is helping you than you can take some steps for leaving the company as the most important thing for any one is his healthy mind and body.

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