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    Manager trying to take my promotion back

    I am working in an automobile company.Recently I got a promotion due to my exceptional performance in my company. But just few days after that I had a quarrel with one of my colleagues on some personal issues. Now my manager is thinking of taking my promotion back. I donít think it is fair as it was not my fault. How to save my promotion in this case?

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    Re: Manager trying to take my promotion back

    Dear friend,
    You have to convince your boss this was not your mistake after all you are also human being how can you see if some one making wrong in front of you.prove you are not in fault. try to prove how important you are for this company so your boss will give you promotion.Best of luck.

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    Re: Manager trying to take my promotion back

    Hi friend

    You have achieved this promotion on the basis of your hard work and excellent performance so you should not let such a small mistake of yours affect your promotion. You certainly must make sure that your manager comes to know about the true picture of the quarrel.Then only he will be able to realise that it wasn't your fault and thus will not tkae your promotion back from you. You should definitely take action in this matter to save your promotion.

    Tell your manager that it was not your fault and your colleague's who started the fight by making personal comments on you. He was responsible for the quarrel and you assure him that you had nothing to do with it. You hope that he will see the true picture first and then only take his decision regarding your promotion based on that. You hope that justice will be served to you.

    I am sure your manager will realise his mistake and thus you will retain your promotion. Congrats and Good luck

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    Re: Manager trying to take my promotion back

    Hello Friend,
    to short out the situation you should short out the issue among yourself.first approach that colleague and say him sorry because after your promotion you should be more responsible and should not involve in these kinds of stuffs.now short out the issue among yourself then approach your manager to apologize and commit not to repeat the same situation again .this much will be enough for your manager to reconsider your case and not to demote you.
    Thank you.

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