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    Manager not approving of my salary hike

    I am working in an automobile company. Recently my boss shortlisted me as one of the employees for salary hike. But when he discussed it with our manager, he pointed out some mistakes in my working method and did not approve my salary hike. Now I was really expecting a hike this time. How to make sure that I get my due next time?

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    Re: Manager not approving of my salary hike

    Hi aspirant

    You don't need to get disheartened over this matter and should work even harder to show your manager that you too are capable of getting a salary hike. now you have come to know, from this incident, that your boss has no problem with you, but its your manager who is not satisfied with your work. So your aim should be to please your manager this time so that the next time you surely get the deserved salary hike.

    So you should go to your manager and talk to him regarding this.Tell him that you were expecting a salary hike this time but didn't get one. Ask him that you want to know your shortcomings so that the next time you get your hike. You request him to tell you how to improve your shortciomings so that you can work over them and don't give him any reason of dissatisfaction the next time. You hope that he will guide you in the right direction.

    I am sure that your manager will definitely be pleased with your attitude and will surely help you out in this matter. Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Manager not approving of my salary hike

    well the answer is in your question only. you mentioned that was mistake in your working method that your boss mentioned it with the manager. so just go and talk to your boss about all the points that made you behind from the hikes this time . discuss it with him . how to change working method. which one would be efficient and all. i am sure he will consider it aas a good points and this will solve your problem too.
    till then keep working hard, stay focused . i am sure you will get a hike soon

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    Re: Manager not approving of my salary hike

    the best way to get the hike which is obstacle is that you should go to the manager yourself and ask him the reason that what exactly is the problem with me that you not approving my promotions. Then if he points out something then work upon it for some days and again go and ask for the promotions or else if the manager donít even listens to you then you should go to the boss and ask him to talk to the manager again for the increment

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