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    Manager asks me to decide on a matter concerning a Senior Employee who helped me alot

    I am working in a small private firm. Recently one of my senior was involved in a case which was against the company’s rules. Now the manager wants me to suggest what should be done with the Senior Employee. My Senior has helped me alot and expects to give suggestions in his favour. Please suggest what should I do.

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    Re: Manager asks me to decide on a matter concerning a Senior Employee who helped me alot


    You must be very careful in such a situation.
    You must not give any suggestions regarding this matter to your manager.
    Just tell him that he is a good employee and has helped the junior to do their work properly and perfectly.

    You should also find out that why has your manager asked you to do suggest about him.
    Ask this question to him and reply based on that answer.

    Tell, your manager that mistakes are part of life.
    If your senior has made a mistake, then he may deserve one last chance to be apologized.

    Do not give any direct views regarding your senior or the case.
    Be very careful with every word.

    Good luck

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    Re: Manager asks me to decide on a matter concerning a Senior Employee who helped me alot


    The case is complicated because your senior has done something against the company's rule.You must very careful in such matter.First of all find out the reason why you are chosen to give suggestion on the matter.And if you can back out then just back out without giving any suggestion.Just mention that by heart that fellow is a good person and has helped many colleagues including you.So atleast he deserves last chance to be forgived for the fault.

    IT would be better for if you do not suggest any extra things for the case.Do not even speak about the matter of his fault.Just let your boss know that he is a wise man.Then your job is done.It is not important for you to compulsorily suggest something on the matter.But be very careful.You must handle both relations , one with that colleague and the other with your boss.Mistakes are part of life.Every one makes mistakes in life knowing or unknowingly.So it is a matter which could be forgiven and forgotten.You can tell that colleague to apologize for what he has done.This could help him stay in the company.Otherwise you also cannot say whether he will be allowed to work in the same company or not.Hence, it would be better to accept the mistake and move forward.

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    Re: Manager asks me to decide on a matter concerning a Senior Employee who helped me alot

    Dear you are really in maze right now and completely unable to decide what to do in this critical situation because there are two parts of this case where one part is under the company which is most important for you because profession is profession and you can not spoil your image in the company by not favoring the company and another part is your friendship and good relations with your colleague because there is a particular obligation between you and your colleague so obviously you have the time when you can remove this obligation from that side and if this time, you will not help him then what would be about that help which was done by him for you and professional career because somewhere he is also playing a role in your success that is why you can not ignore him and if you ignore your boss and suggest your boss in favor of your colleague then your boss will think that you are not dedicated to the company and do not care for the good of the company

    But there is a proper solution which can only be applied by making to understand both parties because everyone in your office is literate and well know about the cases and professional arena so I am sure that they both will understand at this part and first of all you should go to your friend and make him believe that you are taking his side and do not need to worry but before that you should ask everything in detail because knowing the case is must for you and if you will get all details then taking the decision will be easy for you at this time then you should make your friend understand that dear this is a case where you have been found against the rules of the company and as being your good friend I would like to suggest you to accept your mistake that you have done before because I do not want you to leave this company otherwise what would happen with me you can not imagine and also say to him that getting a new job is not easy and suppose you got the job even after that will not be very good like present that is why please be apologized in front of the boss and say sorry to them about your case which is not good for you so your friend will accept this and say sorry to your boss because only a good friend can make him agreed over this matter

    When you go to your boss then you should say that company and you should give him a chance to get back on the right track because termination of any employee should not be done because of silly cases that is why management needs to give him another chance and if he found on the same way again then company should fire him from the job but do not decrease his value and position in the company and let him prove himself that what can he do for the company and if he will do the same again or anything against the rules of the company then I would be with you and I will accept whatever you will decide so this matter will be solved easily

    All the best

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