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    Manager always comes late to office and then works till late hours and then he asks me to give him company

    I am a Bachelor and working with a private organization. My manager comes late to office and then after my office hours he asks me to stay back and give him company. I tolerated this for a week but this is not possible for me everyday. How should I communicate this to him?

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    Re: Manager always comes late to office and then works till late hours and then he asks me to give him company

    According to me you just need to follow below simple steps:
    1. When he try to stay you after office hours, then give some work excuse. Repeat this process for 1 week and i am pretty confident that you will get success without any dispute with your manager.
    Because when you repeat same thing for some days then your manager also know that you do not want to stay more. So in future he will not repeat same thing. Also you can directly tell him that you have some work at home so you are not able to stay more then office hours(use this sentence in polite manner) because afterall he is your manager.

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    Re: Manager always comes late to office and then works till late hours and then he asks me to give him company

    Sometimes do not hesitate in making excuses to save yourself because life is everything for us and if we would loose our entire energy in 3-4 years then we would be unable to work more in future because this is the stage when we enjoy our life but not in profession and if your manager taking you in the work till late hours then you should speak against that but you can not because you are the newcomer in that company and afraid of asking for anything in the company and mainly from manager so I would like to suggest you that do not afraid of anyone in the office because you are getting salary because you give your mind, energy and hard efforts towards the profit that is why you are getting what is deserve for but if anyone say that work more on the same remuneration then it is not possible for anyone in the company because you are not getting overtime payment at this time so why should you work there for long hours until your boss leaves office so go against it

    When your boss ask you to stay in the night for long time and cooperate with him then you should make excuses because nothing is bad in that and before that if you will make it clear that either you will not work till late hours or will come late to the office everyday then you can get the solution and first priority should be given to the late schedule of the office

    If you reach at your office everyday around - 11 am then you should not because you have to teach your boss about it and you should reach just before 5 minutes of your boss as if your boss comes at 12 or after that so you should reach just before them in say hello to everyone and this will be tolerated one day by your boss then follow the same schedule again then your boss will definitely ask you about it then you can remove your frustration positively then you should say that sir I am a working employee in your office and stay till late hours in the office with you and complete entire work so I have some other responsibilities at my house that I have to complete everyday so when I go late to my house then I gets tired and sleeps after having dinner and this tiredness makes me unable to wake up early in the morning that is why now a days I am not getting up before the time of the office so I am coming late and if you will not keep me with you in the night then I will come on time everyday and complete all my works before so this thing will be set in the mind of your boss so may be that he allow you to come late or come at time and will not ask you to stay for so long

    All the best

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