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    Lucrative offer versus regular appraisal

    My appraisal is due next month but I have received a lucrative offer too. I am confused between the two. Should I wait for the hike but at the same time, I am finding this offer too good to be true.

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    Re: Lucrative offer versus regular appraisal

    Hi buddy

    I think it is your decision and you should not let anyone influence this decision of yours. You should think it out and find a solution yourself so that you dont have any regrets later on. As you want my advice I would tell you that if your new offer is really very fabulous and lucrative and as you have mentioned "Too good be true", and you believe that the hike cant beat that offer then you should not miss that opportunity and grab it by the collar.

    But if you have a little doubt also then you should wait for your appraisal and then decide for yourself. Also you should remember that you get such lucrative offfers very rarely and thus you should not miss them when you get them as they can provide a great boost to your future and help you to reach new heights. On the downside you may not be able to adjust to the new work environment and thus it may create problems for you in the future. I hope you understand my friend and thus take the right decision.

    Good luck buddy

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