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    Lucrative offer with accommodation versus regular 10 percent hike

    I am confused as I am getting a lucrative hike with accommodation. My appraisal is also due next month but this lucrative offer is looking good. I am confused between the two as it is a start up company. Should I wait for the hike but at the same time, I am finding this offer too good to be true.

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    Re: Lucrative offer with accommodation versus regular 10 percent hike

    Hi friend

    I think the decision is yours as it is about your future and you should try and make your future as bright as possible . So you should take some time in thinking about this decision and not make any decision in haste. This will determine the path your future will take and also how it will shape up. Now on one side you have a lucrative offer with accomodation from a company which is just new in the market and on the other side there is your own appraisal in your own company in which you have already been working from so many years.

    Now lets analyse your first offer. Now your first offer consists of a lucrative deal with accomodation from a fresh company. Now agreed that this offer is too good to resist but as the company is new you don't know its credentials and also that whether it will be a successful firm in the future or not. Also you don't know anything about the company and so its a big risk for your future. You may also not be able to adjust in that company as you never know when you join a new job.

    And as for your second offer it is the appraisal that you will be getting soon in your current company. This looks like a good offer as you have already adjusted to this company and its work environment and so you don't have to worry about this aspect atleast. And also if the growth is good in this company then you should go with this offer only. Also you know the behaviour of the managemnt with the employees which is another aspect that you dont about the fresh company.

    So friend according to me you should wait for this appraisal of yours and then decide what you want to do. So you should stay with your current company only as I think that will be much more beneficial for your future. So friend give it some thought and also consult with your family and then only take a final decision.

    Good luck. Hope you have a bright future. Thanks

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    Re: Lucrative offer with accommodation versus regular 10 percent hike

    wait for performance appraisal this is proper and professional way of getting hike in your salary... as it is start up company which is offering you hike in salary with accomodation also.... there are lot of risks and work pressure in start companies ... so better wait for appraisal which is scheduled in one month time all the best

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    Re: Lucrative offer with accommodation versus regular 10 percent hike

    Hello Friend,
    Yeah lucrative job attracts a lot ,and some companies are giving these offers to freshers and some are also fake.so better you see whether that company is a registered company or not and check the background of the company from your friends or any one working there whom you know.
    if you find that the company is ok and genuine one you can go for that.
    and before joining that company if you get appraisal just compare that with the new company offer if its more or less same then for the sake of accommodation facility you should not leave the job.need to think that when a company with which yo have been working for a long is providing such a good hike no need to choose other job and start over again from the scratch.again if you stick to the previous job you will get a better hike continuously.
    so you need to decide as per your choice which company you will choose.
    Thank You

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