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    Lot of work stress without any adequate growth

    I am working in a MNC. There is a lot of work stress in our company as it is a MNC. The working hours are also longer than the normal and also we have to do overtime quite a lot. This is really taking its toll on me. But the biggest problem here is that inspite of such hard work put in by us, there is no adequate professional growth here. So I am not at all happy with my job. I am thinking of resigning soon. Will it be a good decision? Please guide me in the right direction.

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    Re: Lot of work stress without any adequate growth

    High work pressure in the MNC is a common feature.Since it is a multi national company,so the number of clients is quite high.As a result service to all the clients sums upto huge work pressure for the employees.You have to bear with it inorder to sustain it a MNC since they have a second option of sacking you and employing a new candidate in your place.It should be kept in mind that there is no dearth of candidates for a particular job in modern world.Everywhere there is high competition.So you have to give your best for enhancing your professional career.

    You can at the most talk about your growth in the company to the higher authority.But you should not complaint about high work pressure.You can ask the higher authority what are the chances for your promotion,how you can get the promotions and perks,what are the criteria for it,etc.After getting all the information you can perform your tasks accordingly.You can also highlight your hard work and then request for perks or promotions.You have to keep your name in the good books of the higher authority to get promotion and perks.This is possible only through the results you produce.

    You can also look for other firms with better prospects and lesser work pressure.Since you are experienced,so this will be an additional point for you during the recruitment process in other firms.So you can do your job and switch to new firm for better prospects after you get the job offer from them.

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    Re: Lot of work stress without any adequate growth

    Hello ,
    Generally the work load given to the younger people is heavy as the company benefits from the task
    which are done within time .
    Although , yes if you feel that the working hours are adequatly much more than normal and added with the
    extra hours which the company demands then take a decision whether you want to continue with your job .

    When working with a MNC , you should be looking to move forward every time . If you have been doing the job for few years
    without any professional growth , then you should think about your job .
    If you think there is stagnation in the company where you will not be able to grow further , it is not
    worth spending more years there .

    By now you must have got enough work experience which will count when you plan to change your job .

    you should talk to your boss regarding this matter . Stressful work creates a overall bad way of life . ONe tends to be
    agitated and defineitly affects the health of the employee .
    Stressful job with unhappiness can lead to depression and this situation should always be avoided .
    Plus he is just not able to give time to his family which is also a concern .

    • Give a application for request of consideration for a higher post

    if the application is not responded , then you should look for another job where you will be happy .
    it is never worth it .

    Atleast , start looking for few job openings and when you get the right one , then give a resignation letter ( NOT BEFORE ).

    Thank you !

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    Re: Lot of work stress without any adequate growth

    Hi friend

    You should definitely take a right decision in this matter as it is very imporatnt for your future. You should not take so much unnecessary work stress if you are not getting any reward for the same. This might affect your heath badly and you may be in a lot of trouble due to this. So you should take care of your health and not take any unnecessary work stress at all. As you have said that working hours are longer in your company and also you have to work overtime a lot , then I think you should only take so much stress if it is worth it and that you are rewarded for the same.

    You should first talk to your boss regarding this and then only take some decision in this regards. Tell him that you are required to do a lot of hard work in this company and also required to do overtime many-a-days in between. But you have noticed one thing that inspite of putting all your efforts , there is no adequate professional growth in this company. You want to ask him whether you will get any promotion soon or your condition is going to remain like this only. also whether these things are going to improve in the future or not.

    Now if your boss replies favourably and is ready to give you a promotion or salary hike , then you can wait and continue your job in this company. But if your boss doesn't give you a satisfactory reply, then you should definitely think of resigning from this stressful job as it has already taken its toll on you. You should start searching for a good job through newspapers and also look on the net on sites like naukri.com, monster.com as it is a very powerful medium for finding suitable jobs now-a-days.

    So friend try to find a suitable job for yourself and see to it that it does not stress you out like your present job. Then i am sure you will have more job satisfaction and then you will surely able to show more growth in your career. Make sure that the job you join now has adequate professional growth to offer to its employees. You can do some research before joining a new job especially by asking the ex or the present employees of that company. I am sure that they will give you the adequate information.

    I hope you take the right decision friend. Good luck

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