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    Lot of stress in the training period itself

    I am working as a trainee in one of the reputed companies. There is a lot of work stress here in the training period itself. So I am afraid that what will it be like if I get a job here as a regular employee. How to deal with this and make sure that my health does not suffer due to such high work stress?

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    Re: Lot of stress in the training period itself

    Dear guest,

    Your problem is shared by many others over here. It is simply cause you have no knowledge about stress management. First of all you need to k ow about stress. Its a huge topic but I'll try to explain it to you in short. Stress is wear and tear of your body both physically and mentally. It has 2 parts eustress and distress. Eustress is actually good for you as such a stress puts your body in survival mode and makes you do things unimaginable. Distress is is the level of stress where you get to cross the limit and your body can no longer withstand it. You basically need to expand your limits to cope up. You need a total change from your sleep schedule to your diet.

    I want to recommend you some things but since I don't know exactly what is your schedule I will ask you to show your case to a psychiatrist. Its not a mental disorder but rather a positive condition. The doctor will tell you more about it and the way to manage it.

    Thank you...

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    Re: Lot of stress in the training period itself


    In job you will be having some kind of work pressure and that is for sure. Friend , what do you think about training period , after studies you are in training period of a company and in studies mostly we have no other stress except of our studies but in job you have to perform in so many other things like you confidence, present-ability, leadership quality, and so many other skills , and in training period you are having some kind of experience of that , if you are facing so many stress then it means you are having the quality of handling things and that is your management skill so my friend always think yourself as a leaning child , long way to go.
    Understand your work and keep moving , divide your time, do smart work and don't take any tension , just focus on your training .

    Good luck.

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    Re: Lot of stress in the training period itself


    Stress is main concerned in today's world.

    Make time table for your daily activity stress comes when you did not complete your task on time.

    So make a Time Management to deal with all such situation it will help you to grow in your future.

    Work pressure in common for all so need to fight from the condition make yourself comfortable for it.

    There is saying by charles darwin:

    "Struggle for existence and survival of fittest."

    Learn to coup with situation.

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    Re: Lot of stress in the training period itself

    Normally in training period it happens that you feel you are given a lot of work but it is not like that, as you are a new person in the field and thus not mastered

    in managing the job that is why you think that you are facing a lot of work load. This is actually your training at the end of which you will be much polished as

    an employee for which such amount of work will be a routine.

    As the time will pass you will feel that your work speed has increased thus you will take less time in completing the same amount of work. You can see it by

    looking on your much experienced senior employees, you can find the difference between you and them easily in the consistency and speed of work.

    So don't get panic and just do your work without taking much stress as thinking about stress and all will cause a negative effect on your psychology and will

    effect your concentration in work.

    Until and unless you are eating healthy and balanced diet with proper sleep you won't be having any problem. So besides work always keep an eye on these two

    important things. As proper sleep will keep you and your mind fresh for working all day and the proper diet will provide you the energy for working.

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