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    Lot of peer pressure for getting a good job

    I have just completed my college and am now looking for a job. There is a lot of pressure on me, from my parents and relatives , for getting a good job.But I am not so sure of myself and thus am afraid about what will happen if I didnít get a good job or no job at all. How to deal with such peer pressure?

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    Re: Lot of peer pressure for getting a good job

    Pressure is the key factor in every individual's life.One who can handle it well and not undergo into depression because of it or get tensed and commit mistakes in pressure,can be successful and achieve high success in his life.You have to bear the courage to deliver your best under pressure in order to succeed.

    Since you have completed your college,definitely you family will have expectation from you.They definitely expects their ward who is graduate to get a job and earn his living so that they can be at peace.Do not get worried and feared unnecessarily.This will reduce your confidence level to a great extent.Hence boost up your confidence level and you can surely get jobs.You have many job options before you now on the basis of your graduation qualification.

    Inorder to get direct call for the interview from any company,you have to follow two steps-

    1.Upload your resume in various comapny's official website.
    2.Upload your resume in the leading job portals site like-www.naukri.com/

    Then you will get direct emails from the company's site if they require you or from the job portals site regarding various jobs.

    As a graduate you can work in the following sectors-
    -KPO and BPO
    -Schools and Colleges if you pursue higher studies

    Selection Procedure:-
    Entrance Exam(Written)
    Group Discussion(In some sector)
    Medical Tests(In some sector)

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    Re: Lot of peer pressure for getting a good job

    Re: Lot of peer pressure for getting a good job

    Hi friend,

    I think correct because job opportunities is very low present situation.
    Nowadays getting a good job lot of pressure for students.
    You don't worry you can develop your positive thoughts.
    You can also improve your communication skills.
    You can avoid your pressure .
    Be positive.
    Be confidently attend the interviews.

    So you can more effectively getting a good job and don't take the pressure.


    GOOD LUCK...........

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    Re: Lot of peer pressure for getting a good job

    Hii, first thing you should make it clear that good job is nothing in this world. Every work is respectable and good. You should be hardworking enough to make any job good for you. And secondly that you should not be afraid of this pressure , as everyone gets settled finally. You should be calm. Keep trying, give your best. Confidence is the key to everything, keep your attitude positive. Keep giving variety of interviews. Keep practicing.Thanks

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