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    Lot of interference around my working area

    I am working in a small firm. The place where I sit and do my work is very comfortable and I love working there. But there is one major problem and that is there is a lot of interference around my working area. My colleagues always indulge in gossip and thus create a lot of noise. How should I tell this to my manager without getting my colleagues into trouble?

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    Re: Lot of interference around my working area

    Dear aspirant,
    They should know they are hiring for to do organisation work not for gossiping be strong go straight away to your manager complain against her because in future it will make disturbance in your job work so you have to take action before its too late.

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    Re: Lot of interference around my working area

    These are very small issues to be complained to your manager ...concentrate on your work "no one can disturb your unless you disturb yourself" remember this fact even though they are creating noise you don't care about this .. This makes you happy and none will interfere in your work... If your report this matter to your manager then your colleagues will come to know ..thereby you will develop enemity with them... You will face many problems you will be cornered in many office related matter.. Its better you do your work... And act according to your situation you need to know how to take lead among your colleagues.. Convince them to do their work and better tell them not to disturb... All the best

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    Re: Lot of interference around my working area

    It is good to see that you are are well satisfied with your job.But the interference around your working area and also the noises due to gossip of your colleagues create a lot of problems for you.Although this is not a very big problem yet it is concerning one since it is affecting your job.This problem can be solved with ease.It is also admirable that you do not want your colleagues to land into any kind of trouble because of your complaint.You should try to solve this matter at the personal level and if you fail,then you should approach the higher authority.

    -First have a discussion with your colleagues.
    -Request them to talk softly.
    -Explain your problems because of the noises.
    -Request for cooperation.
    -If they still do not improve then approach the manager.
    -Tell him about the working environment.
    -Do not name any person responsible for it.
    -Explain him the problems because of that.
    -Try to make him understand the necessity of silence and calmness in the working area.
    -Request him to inspect into this matter and take a step for the better future of the firm and employees.

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    Re: Lot of interference around my working area

    Hi buddy

    You should definitely inform regarding this matter to your manager as it is sure to affect your performance in some way and then you would have to suffer because of that. So friend before you suffer because of this problem you should get it soreted out from your manager, who i think , is the best person to help you in this matter. You should not hesitate to take his help and should be afraid that your colleagues will get into trouble.

    If you really care about your colleagues so much then you should first talk to them . Tell them that they are making a lot of noise during the working hours in the ofice by indulging in gossip and this is affecting your performance badly. You are not able to concentrate on your work and thus request them to talk as less as possible during these working hours. You hope that they will understand your problem and thus will pay heed to your request.

    Now wait for sometime. If they listen to you and thus minimize the noise, then you should be satisfied as you have succeeded in your task. But in case they don't listen to you and continue with their ways , then you should better go and talk to your manager and I am sure he will definitely teach them a good lesson.

    I hope you understood my point .Good luck

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    Re: Lot of interference around my working area

    Hello there !!!

    this type of situation is common in the workplace.
    if you are working in the private company than you have to face these problem.
    so, you need to adjust with the environment.
    but i don't tell you to just ignore this.
    i meant to say that, first of all ask your colleague not to make much noise
    while gossiping.
    and if the wont listen you than complain to the senior authority.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.
    pushp ranjan singh

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    Re: Lot of interference around my working area

    hello friend,
    this is very common thing in job place.
    there are few possible solutions. first try to concentrate to your work. your concentration would help you to overcome this solution.
    another solution is talk directly to your mates and ask them to talk softly and slowly,
    another solution is join them in their gossips, by doing this you'll also enjoy working long long hours.

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    Re: Lot of interference around my working area

    Hello ,
    I would recommend you to meet up with the manager and inform him about the same without pointing out names .
    You donít want to be blamed
    for being the bad guy but at the same time you want to focus on your work which is a plus point .
    And any distractions which hampers that has to be stopped .

    Tell your manager that try to make sure that non work related talks stay regulated to lunch breaks and water coolers .
    A strict no tolerance policy on wasteful activities would be necessary .

    Because of a bunch of people the whole set of people are having trouble while working which should be looked into .
    Try to tell that donít be harsh with them at the same time convey the strong message and the act should be repeated again .

    --> Although , request not to change your work place as you like it there and donít want to move the desk and he will
    totally understand .
    Thank you .

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    Re: Lot of interference around my working area

    If you are really getting disturbed and the noise is affecting your work , you should definetely discuss the whole issue with your Manager.
    You should tell the manager in details
    Also you can request the manager that he should not take any strict action against them otherwise all those people will make problems to you
    Your Manager may take corrective action
    He may observe for few days and just give a general feedback to all employees who are making noise not to make personal talks during office hours

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    Re: Lot of interference around my working area

    I think the solution lies in front of you only.

    1. Talk to your colleagues about the disturbance and request them not to do this and care for it.
    2. If still there is a problem or some colleague is intentionally doing this then you have to notify this to your manager.
    3. You tell him so that the work place will be noise free.
    4. Do not care much about the relationship with the person who does not care for you and disturbs you intentionally from your work.
    5. And you also practise to work within noisy place. Increase your concentration in noise.
    6. You will recover soon from the problem.
    Bye take care.

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    Re: Lot of interference around my working area

    When they are not tell concerning this kind of subject in your supervisor because it is guaranteed to impact your agility by some means after which you'll have to endure as a result of that. Thus companion ahead of a person suffers for that reason difficulty you ought to get this sorted away through the supervisor, who seem to i think , is the best particular person so that you can direct you towards this kind of matter. You ought not think twice to take his or her guide and will be scared that your particular fellow workers will enter trouble.

    In case you mind of your fellow workers so much you then will need to initial converse for them.Actually tell them likely doing a great deal of racket for the duration of the working working hours inside the ofice by way of experiencing rumor plus it is inside your efficiency badly. Anyone are not able to give attention to your hard work thereby obtain them to chat seeing that less as it can be throughout these doing work hours. Anyone pray that they'll realize your complaint thereby pays pay attention to in your request.

    Now lose time waiting for sometime. As long as they tune in to you together with consequently minimize the actual racket, subsequently you need to be satisfied because you have was successful within your task. In situation they don't tune in to you together with continue their approaches , you then will need to improved go plus speak to your supervisor plus I know he'll unquestionably guide them a very good lesson.
    It's essential to check out that you're are delighted by your current job.But the actual disturbance close to your current doing work place along with the noises caused by rumor of your fellow workers make a great deal of trouble for you.Although that isn't a new huge difficulty still it is actually relating to one particular as it is often inside your job.This problem can always be sorted out with ease.It is also excellent this you do not want your current fellow workers so that you can property directly into virtually any hassle due to your complaint.You needs to resolve this kind of subject in the private levels plus in case you are unsuccessful,you then will need to solution the greater authority.
    An excellent opportunity you to meet up with the actual supervisor plus tell him comparable without pointing out bands.
    You won't want to always be attributed to be the actual bad guy yet as well you need to a target your hard work which is a and also stage.
    As well as any temptations which usually hinders this has to be quit.

    Educate supervisor this consider to make certain not for work relevant tells stay regulated so that you can lunch break breaks or cracks plus mineral water fridges.
    Any strict virtually no tolerance coverage in inefficient things to do can be important.

    Due to numerous people today the main established of individuals are receiving hassle when doing work which will always be investigated.
    Try out to express to this you needn't be harsh with him or her as well show the actual formidable concept and also the behave should be duplicated just as before.

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