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    Lot of competition for the interview of a reputed firm

    I am working in a small private firm. Just recently I got a call from a reputed firm to attend their interview. It is a very lucrative offer and I donít want to miss this opportunity. But I have been told by my friends that many people from all over India will be attending this interview , thus I have very less chances of making it. How to proceed in such a situation?

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    Re: Lot of competition for the interview of a reputed firm

    Your friends are right that if it is really a good opportunity than there could be tough competition.

    But you cannot leave an interview just due to this reason.

    You are called for the interview because the company thinks that you are eligible, if you were not than why would they have called you.

    Why are you thinking in negative way, it could be possible that you can be selected for the job.

    Until and unless you give the interview how will you be sure about your selection.

    Even if you think that it is not at all possible than at least give it for an experience as it would help you preparing for other interviews and as it is a

    reputed firm so the interview will also be of good standards.

    As you are already working in a company means that you are having a practical experience of what you do, so you must be confident about your

    skills and knowledge.

    It will also help you to assess that what you have gained and what you still need to know.

    So don't think negative and go for the interview. Take it as an opportunity which can completely change your career.

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