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    Lot of chaos and confusion in office meetings

    I am working as a manager in a software firm. Whenever we have some official meeting, there is always a lot of chaos and confusion. Most of the people speak very loudly and many of them even make rude remarks. This disturbs the decorum of the meeting. I have pointed this many times in front of my seniors but no one is paying any attention to it. How to deal with such a situation?

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    Re: Lot of chaos and confusion in office meetings

    Since you are the manager of a software firm so you have to take the upper hand and handle the situation effectively.You have to make sure that the meeting is held calmly and everyone is given time to express each one's view.You have to be authoritative inorder to maintain the decorum of the meeting.You can take the following measures.

    -Before the meeting ,formulate a statement that the members attending it are requested to keep the decorum of the meeting or else their views will not be considered.
    -During the meeting make sure that each one who want to express something is given an equal opportunity.
    -The juniors should encouraged while the seniors should be respected.
    -Request all to remain calm when you see that the decorum is on the way to get disturbed.
    -One who disturbs the decorum can be asked to remain silent and calm directly.
    -If still the decorum is disturbed,ask the members to submit their views through written format.
    -Catch the eye of the higher authority towards the necessity of solving this type of problem.
    -Explain the problems and the adverse effects if this continues in the long run.
    -Request for immediate step in this issue for the better future of the firm.

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    Re: Lot of chaos and confusion in office meetings

    Hi friend

    This is a very serious matter and needs to looked upon urgently. As the manager it is your responsibility to take care of this matter and to get the situation under control. Of course there should be no chaos and confusion during the official meetings as that is a very bad sign for the progress of your company. If you want your company to progress proper decorum should definitely be maintained and you should ensure that it is.

    Your officials should uinderstand their responsibilities and thus should not indulge in this kind of barbaric behaviour. They should be mature enough to not shout during the official meetings and not to pass any rude remarks. They should understand that it is the company's official meeting and not the session of Parliament. They should act in a more sophisticated manner and should not set such a bad example to their juniors and their employees.

    If they don't know how to mainatain the decorum in their own company meetings, then what are they going to teach their juniors. They should have some basic sense and try to maintain proper decorum in their official meetings. You should try to raise this matter in one of the meetings itself as soon as you get the chance. As everyone will be present there it will become easier for you as you won't have to speak separately to everyone.

    Tell them that you want to have a discussion on a very important matter which concerns you all and also concerns the image of the company. Whenever there is some official meeting, you have noticed that there is a lot of chaos and confusion. Also most of the members speak loudly and also pass rude remarks thus disturbing the decorum. You want them all to stop such kind of a behaviur as this is not good for the image of the company and also will set a bad example for the employees if they come to know about the same. You hope that they will understand your point and behave in a more sophisticated manner. You are sorry if you have offended anyone.

    I am sure your seniors will definitely feel ashamed of their behaviour and will never repeat such a thing again. Your problem will be solved. Good luck friend

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    Re: Lot of chaos and confusion in office meetings

    Hello ,
    This is a matter will should be controlled and be checked before the situation goes out of hand .
    I think you should be more authoritative with them . Mostly probably , you freindliness at work creates such a
    environment where the employee tend to take advantage .

    You should not let this happen .
    Such non sense and barbaric like activities are not meant to be done in a conference room .

    Official meeting is all about having a proper discussions like gentle men and if they are not able to maintain
    discipline in a meeting room , what discisions will they take for the company .

    You should make my staff understand how important desicion making is and how a well organised meeting is important for the same

    You should also try to make the meetings a more interesting affair by making it a little more fun but also make it sure that
    some strict rules are followed like no interuption when one member would be speaking.
    Penalise will be taken on those who go missing by the rules .

    Shouting and making unacceptable remarks will not be entertained and take strict actions against those who
    tries to disturb and create ciaos in the meeting .

    Everybody can express what they want to say without any interuptions . If any one has any query , keep it for the last part of the
    meeting where everyone can put in is views together .

    Not only they are degrading the standard of working of the company , the new employees will have a bad impresion
    on their seniors and will definitely have two minds in continuing their jobs .
    Morever , the performance of the company is also at stake as no concrete desicions can be made this way .

    I hope you are able to bring the situation back on track .
    Than you !

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    Re: Lot of chaos and confusion in office meetings

    If this is the scenario then you should take this matter to your management.
    This is not a normal case.
    During the meeting ,small conflicts can lead to big fights which is not good.
    Meeting should be carried out smoothly and in an organised way.
    If it gets chaotic then the purpose of the meeting will be neglected in some way.
    and you may not reach any conclusion.
    this may affect the coordination in your work.
    This will affect your work .
    So better dont delay and discuss this matter with your seniors
    If they donot take any action they you can take action being a manager.

    Thank you

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