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    Leave for TI Project Staff?

    What should be leave for ti project staff........I want to know that What should be leave for ti project staff

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    Re: Leave for TI Project Staff?

    You have not given much details about name of company or sector
    nor you have mentioned the roles performd by staff

    In India in most companies staff work for 9 hours and they get 1 hour lunch break
    About leaves Staff gets 2 Privelege leaves a month which can be accumulated
    Apart from this 12 Casual Leaves in a year
    Plus they also get 12 national holidays leaves
    Plus they can also get 1 day weekly off

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    Re: Leave for TI Project Staff?

    Respected sir,
    when ever you have same emergency then you have take same leave from the company in which you have going the work.
    the no of leaves given to any employee is depend on the rules of the company. The no. of given to any employee is sufficient for him.
    Any company at least gives 10 sick leave,12 causal leave,2 Privilege leave and national holidays even they are provide one weekly holiday.

    If you any confusion then you contact with the other employee who work in company before you. He clear your all confusion regarding the leave.

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