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    Leave Policy for a service based company?

    I have recently joined a company as an HR Executive. My company is a service based company in Gujarat. I want to know about Leave policy rules and regulation about it. Kindly help me.

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    Re: Leave Policy for a service based company?

    In the Leave Policy , Company allow the leave of employees for their personal reason such as illness , social works or for getting rest.By that , employee remain healthy & efficient and gives better work and benefits to company.

    Company allow the employee's leave may be Sick Leave , Causal Leave , Maternity leave , Earned leave.
    There is already Leave policy in the company and you should follow and obey strictly about that and also give leave to employee or any memeber of company according to it.

    Leave should be applicable to all the members of company.

    When employee wants and apply for leave before , then you as a HR should check the available balance of leave of him and then gives to fill up the form in which all the detail of leave should be correct and then you also pass this application form to other member of HR department and also head of the department.After authorize , you should give him leave.

    If any employee take leave without getting permission ,then it will be his absent of the duty and cut the salary according to his average salary.now if employee want to join his duty ,then he/she should have compulsorily write application about his emergency leave before get works in company.

    If sometimes it will happen that you gave already leave to employee and now you have needs on the leave day , then you can cancel his/her leave and inform before about emergency work with explain and you can transfer his/her leave on other day.
    Sometimes , it will also happen that employee got leave and now they want extend his/her leave , then it's your authority to extend the leave if possible.

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    Re: Leave Policy for a service based company?


    As you have joined as an HR Executive in the company, then surely you get the official KT on leave policy, because HR should know each and every rules and regulation of the company. But if you want to know in general about the leave policy, then I would like to let you know that each company has some categories of leaves and accordingly company defines the number of days in each category as leaves.

    Basically each company have 3 categories. They are CL(Casual Leave), SL(Sick leave), EL(Earned Leave or Annual leave). Mostly all the companies have 7 CL, 10 SL, and 16 EL. EL and SL can be carry forwarded to next year but CL get lapse in the end of financial year. Some company also have the concept of Flexi Leave.
    I would like to let you know that if soon you will not get the KT on the same, you can ask them about your KT plan.

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    Re: Leave Policy for a service based company?

    hello friends..

    you can surely get the official KT on eave policy,because HR should know each and every rules and regulations of the company

    based on the company defines the number of days in each category as leaves

    basically each company have 3 categories

    they are

    1)Casual Leave(CL)

    2)Sick Leave(SL)

    3)Earned Leave

    all companies have 7CL,10SL,16 EL and SL for one year

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