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    Latecomer snaps at for wrong message

    My colleague usually comes late in the office and I have to take all his calls. Recently, he snapped at me regarding the clarity of the message taken. My hands are already full with work. Should I discuss this with my boss?

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    Re: Latecomer snaps at for wrong message

    Hi aspirant

    Your colleague should rather be greatful to you for performing his task when he is coming late than to snap you for commiting some mistake which he could also have made. He is being very ungrateful to you and its high time you teach him a good lesson for the same. You should first encounter him rather than taking this matter straight to your boss. Tell him that first of all he should learn to be punctual and come on time to the office. If he is unable to come then atleast he should be thankful to you for doing his work during those hours. He should have some sense and stop snapping you for some mistake as you are already burdened with a lot of work and thus are prone to commit mistakes. He should either do his own work or stop snapping you if you are doing his work. You will not stand such behaviour from him at all and its high time he mends himself and learn some good manners.

    I am sure your colleague will be ashamed of himself and thus will never do such a thing in future . He may even ask for forgiveness if he has some manners. And if you are being overstressed tell him to come on time otherwise you are going to complain to the boss. If after all this he does not put some sense in his head, tell your boss all about him and he will be punished severely I am sure.

    All the best friend and Thanks

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    Smile Re: Latecomer snaps at for wrong message

    Re: Latecomer snaps at for wrong message


    Yes you must discuss this issue with your Boss.
    Each and every employee has been assigned a responsibility and it is his duty to fulfill them efficiently.
    First of all,that person should be warned for coming late to the office on a regular basis.
    Next,the boss must tell him to do his work on his own and not depend on others to do the work.
    Once he's warned,I am sure he'll start doing his work on his own!


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