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    Late night project celebration parties cause problem

    I am working with an advertising firm. Usually, our boss on successful completion of projects takes us out for drinks. For a couple of time, the timing are extremely late and I have refused to attend the party. He has been side-lining me from that time and stated that I am unprofessional. It is mowing me heavily please suggest a way out.

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    Re: Late night project celebration parties cause problem


    I can understand your point which is from your own security aspect.Since you are working in adversting sector,you have to attend these sort of parties.And it wont be possible for you to reject such offers every time.This is because,there will be a number of parties throughout the year.So you have to decide which one you want to attend and which not.When you decide to attend any such party,then make it clear to your boss regarding the inconvinience of coming back home at late night.If he arranges for any car for you and some of your other female collegues then it wont be a big problem.Talk to him regarding this.

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    Re: Late night project celebration parties cause problem

    I understand your problem because such situations are very common these days when people have hectic lifestyles and they do not have time during the day to celebrate their success. Late night parties have become a part of corporate life. It might not be a feasible option for you to go and attend a party every now and then but then it sometimes becomes a social obligation to attend such parties even if you do not drink.

    Since you feel that your boss is side lining you because of your previous conduct then I feel that you should talk to him and tell him that you couldn't make it to the parties because of some inevitable situation and in the future you would like to join him. You should just join your boss as often as possible and if you do not drink you can just give the others' company. You should tell your boss that you wish to celebrate and share the joy of the success and hence would like to join them.

    This is a typical example of social pressure and sadly has become an inevitable part of today's corporate world. Sometimes situations are difficult to avoid and hence you have to come out of your comfort zone and do something to please others. This has become a way of the professional world these days! All the best to you. Hope you are able to settle in this world soon.

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    Re: Late night project celebration parties cause problem

    hello guest !!

    it is right that you dont want to join or got to late night parites,than it doesn't means that you wil refuseyour boss proposal.
    because boss is afterall boss.
    so,you must talk to him personally and tell him about your problem.
    and it is ok.if you dont go to late night parties but if you will go once or twice than nothing is going to happens, what i think.
    so in professionalism you have to satisfy both the parties you cant think of yours only you have to think of the persons or group with whom you are working.

    hope you understand what i am treing to say..
    pushp ranjan singh

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    Re: Late night project celebration parties cause problem


    This is a problem for you because you do not like late night parties.
    But some times you can go and do not drink just attend the party and come home early.
    Only go if you can control yourself from not drinking.

    You must refuse your boss politely.
    Tell him that if you attend late night parties , then you will not be able to reach office on time.
    Also give any excuses like you have some work at home.
    Explain him that it is important for you to spend time with your family.

    It is not at all unprofessional , you just stay calm.
    Always talk to your boss with a smile on your face.
    Make him happy by doing some other work well and perfect.

    And some times it will be good to attend parties.
    In that manner you will increase the bond of relation with your boss.
    This may give you additional benefits in future.
    So, do not worry and enjoy life.


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