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    Is Language proficiency must in professional sector?

    Hi! One of my friend got job in IT sector through campus recruitment. His work involves talking to clients in phone calls to update the work regularly. His communication is not that good. Will it affect his job ?

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    Re: Is Language proficiency must in professional sector?

    Since your friends job is to give update about the work regularly language proficiency has to be better for him. If he does not improve his knowledge then it is going to effect his job.

    So as your friend to improve his language. It is important in day to day life that should be able to transfer tour thought to a third party so as to understand what you intend to do or say.

    Now a day communication is key to success.
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    Re: Is Language proficiency must in professional sector?

    First of all congratulations to your friend for getting the job. These days effective communication is definitely an important tool for being successful at your work place. You should encourage your friend to develop good communication skills as it not only helps in dealing with your clients but also creates a good impression on the colleagues and boss. Communication is something that helps you put forward your ideas. If a person has a very sharp brain to think wonderful ideas but he is not able to convey them properly then the purpose of having a great idea is defeated.
    In your friends' case it might be possible that what he wants to communicate to the client is misinterpreted by the client due to lack of effective communication skills. Sometimes communication gap creates a lot of havoc in the lives people. This can also be true for the corporate world. So it is advisable that your friend should develop his communication skills by practising in front of the mirror. This is a tested method for enhancing your confidence level. Also you need to figure what is your friend's problem with communication. Is he not confident enough or is he at a loss of ideas to coomunicate?
    Both the problems have a different approach. To improve his self confidence he needs to talk to himself in front of the mirror in the language. He can also talk to his near and dear ones in english so as to feel comfortable with the language in the presence of the people he is comfortable with. Reading is a also a good habit that one can develop and it definitely boosts one's confidence level. All this can help your friend make his/her communication effective.

    All the best to you and your friend!

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    Re: Is Language proficiency must in professional sector?


    Yes, it will affect his work. Very good interpersonal skills is needed now a days to communicate with
    the outside world. If you can't speak you can't express your feelings. So, it high for your friend to improve
    his soft skills. He can join any short tern conversational English course to either any of the below mentioned
    institutes to improve his skills,

    1. British council.
    2. British Institutes.
    3. YMCA English .

    If your friend is serious enough he can improve his conversational skills. Your job is to encourage
    him so that he don't get depressed ar all.


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