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    Lack of respect for female boss

    I have recently taken over a newspaper office as a resident editor. Majority of the team members are male and they have disciplined issues like extra long breaks et al. On confronting the issue, I came to know that I am trying to misuse my position and dominate the male folks. It is unacceptable. Should I talk to the owners?

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    Re: Lack of respect for female boss


    As the head,you have the right to maintain discipline in the office premises and nobody has the right to question you on that except the owners ie.the board of directors.There is no question of any gender issues in this situation.Be professional and behave professionally.They are answerable to you,you are only answerable to the management,not the workers.You can just have a talk with the management on this issue and make them aware of the situation.Otherwise,I will ask you to carry on with your own way of work.

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    Re: Lack of respect for female boss

    hello madamAbsolutely it is very embraced matter.but it not fair because women have also right to get all respect and designation in our society.As news paper has the majority of men because the work of it's is very challengeble and risky.you should talk to your manager about this unfair task because only conversing and there is no other possible way to get ride overall.If you have gotten any insulted matter in society then you should go to court for justice.women have the right to against any embedded matter.so hurry up

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    Re: Lack of respect for female boss

    hello friend,
    as a head you have all the right to maintain the discipline at the workplace. you must talk to the owners as its about your respect and position that you are holding. talk to the higher authorities for this issue. as this kind of atmosphere in the office will have negative impact, less interaction with customers, bad conditions etc.

    being the head it is your duty to look after the matter, as this otherwise will lead to several major problems. this behaviour had to be stopped right now. talk to the the owners about the ambiance , less time management and rude behaviour of workers.

    i am sure they will understand your problem. and you even have to be strict at your part. this will help you, Good luck for future

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    Re: Lack of respect for female boss

    yes go ahead , but first have a word with your employees,know want they want they want in working conditions,like different issue like timings breaks and other problems they face... as because your boss you should know their problem..coming to implementation of the solutions of problems of employees be smart in dealing employees have a justified measures you take in confronting issues..still the don't come in line to to higher management in this issue all the best

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