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    Junior co-worker not taking orders because of previous relationship

    A junior co worker is a distant cousin of mine. She does not take orders from me but tries to make excuses of not doing any work. I have explained to her that this kind of behaviour is not correct but she just says that since we are related she should get some leeway. What should I do?

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    Re: Junior co-worker not taking orders because of previous relationship

    Although it is not a very big problem yet it is a matter of concern.If this increases regularly it can turn into various negative issues.This problem needs an open and free discussion with your relative.

    -Sit with her and discuss the entire issue with her.
    -Explain her what she is doing at the office.
    -Explain her the negative aspects of such acts in her future.
    -Explain her the problems faced by you due to her act of not implementing your orders.
    -Try to make her understand what is required in a professional world and how you both should be.This is not only to ensure better future of you both but also of the company.
    -Try to make her understand the merits and need of professionalism of both of you at the office.
    -Request her to not take the matter personally and be professional at office and as relatives elsewhere.
    -If she still does not improve,then give her a warning of complaining to the higher authority for the sake of professionalism.

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