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    Job which doesn't involves transfer?

    I have just completed my graduation in engineering and now looking for a suitable job. I personally want to take up a job which does not involve transfer. But my friends are saying in this way I would be restricting myself and thus missing many great opportunities. Now I am really confused. What should I do now as it is about my future?

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    Re: Job which doesn't involves transfer?

    Transfer depends on the company.

    Suppose you are recruited by a company which have offices in five different parts of the country so you could be placed in any of the five offices depending on

    their requirements and big companies do have offices in more than one place.

    So if think to be in a job which don't gives transfer than you have to find companies that have a single office which cuts opportunities for you in big companies.

    So its solely depends upon you what are your priorities and your personal satisfaction.

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