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    Job descriptions of top level management and desginations

    I want detailed job descriptions for following positions in company.. Please help me

    1.CEO /MD
    2. COO
    3. Legal and Finance manager
    4. HR Manager
    5. HR Executive
    6. Project leader
    7. Senior Software Engineer

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    Re: Job descriptions of top level management and desginations

    CEO : chief executive officer, it is the highest post in the management hierarchy, he is the one who reports to board of directors of the company.
    COO: Works just below CEO that is reports to CEO, COO is chief operation officer, he is responsible for daily operations going in the company.
    Legal and Finance manager: He is basically an adviser who gives legal and financial advice so that correct decisions in the business could be made.
    HR manager: He basically deals with the employees and human resource of the company, he is the one who deals with the new recruitment, training and salary of the employees
    Project leader: He leads the team to which a particular project is given by the head, he is responsible to complete the project successfuly and in time by correctly using his team members.
    Senior software engineer: He is basically an employee more correctly an experienced employees who deals with the software management of the company he does the coding and all sort of work as per his job profile.

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