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    Interview stress taking a toll on my health

    I am recently getting ready to give many interviews for getting a good job. But I am feeling a lot of stress these days and as a result, my health has been affected. I am not feeling well for the past few days. How to deal with such a situation so that I do well in my interviews?

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    Re: Interview stress taking a toll on my health

    1. Sleep well--two nights before.
    2. Get there early--but not too early

    3. Eat light, yet be nourished
    4. Schedule interviews in the morning

    5. Be (over)prepared.

    6. Take the day off.
    7. Ask when a decision will be made


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    Re: Interview stress taking a toll on my health

    Stress is an condition of mind where you feel frustrated and be afraid of situations makes you afraid of dealing with tough situation rather than to solve it to achieve some positive frame of mind set.. you should convert the stress into positive frame work I mean you should differentiate stress that is stress should always let to do best interview and stress should improve your quality of body language .. what I feel seriously is that stress will lead you in trouble by panicking you .. stress is bad negative state of mind of excess fear of performance if you take stress in improving yourself then I would rather take it.. the way you take the stress is very important for your career growth dont let stress stop you in giving interview this would create some fear of expression..

    Interview is the state of act or play where you express your self honestly approve yourself be confident and have good body language.. generally stress will damage your freedom of expression and create a panic in your body language this stress will further make you vulnerable to be a victim in challenging tasks.. during interview you will checked upon your body language your confidence and the most important is they check your level of taking pressure and stress..how well you control yourself and perform under pressure and stress is nothing its the negative work pressure you take.. its a feeling which destroys ones confidence his abilities.. even when you have the potential at work companies will watch how to take the stress levels and if you perform with your potential and cool calmness you done with the interview mostly they check your attitude in dealing the positive attitude in you no matter world comes down you should maintain your composure and thinking in solution solving attitude will definitely 100% fetch you a job believe in abilities of yourself.. when you cannot deal with work admit it and take a break and never make your self be under the work which you are not at expertise..

    What really a job interview is to yourself as an employment seeker:
    You should see interview as a wide aspect of something you cannot deal with frustration fear its like you deal with an fresh mind and your approach of answering questions to interviewers is what important you as a fresher should never worry on what you tell but an learning approach and correct attitude will make you through the interview .. a interview is a session where employers or people judge you decide your caliber you should prove your talent and you should convince them in a better way that you deserve the job in the company.. what is required is your talent and stress is not allowed make your mindset that I will attend multiple interviews and will attend till I get the job as simple as you deal with negativity and drive away stress..

    Its all about making an impression on interviewers be sound in your graduation subjects firstly then try to make yourself confident and give it a try to let the interviewers to test you in your graduation if they feel so they might test your knowledge give your best performance.. be best at where your strengths are and admit your mistakes and try to improve in areas you are targeted in the interview.. so next time when you go for other interview then you are going with improvement mind it sure when a person corrects his mistakes will be successful at interviews .. interview is learning place its the act of improvement its not a easy task with out correcting your approach and body language..

    I think you should control your apprehension and anxiety of doing best in the interview..you are over thinking about your performance in the interview and this anxiety and the excitement level s are creating stress.. stress is nothing but an outcome of excess thinking and expectation levels crossing limit let me make you understand in a better way you should never expect any thing before your task or an an interview because you are uncertain about what interviewers will ask you whether it might be group or personal interview when your unsure of what happens with your interview then never think about performance only think about how you perform .. keep your mind on preparing yourself to the interview give yourself the long and fresh breath before you go to the interview room.. I do understand you go through different phases of situation but your mature now its the time you feed the family and take the responsibility of maintaining your parents.. its not about thinking of giving 100% performance in the interview its about learning experience . attend multiple interviews learn the experience in what you face in an interview.. the way your asked to express yourself ..different hr concepts you would really find in EALP forum(professional queries..) which you will find it really beneficiary all the best

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    Re: Interview stress taking a toll on my health

    This is quite a normal thing which usually occurs and it is natural. You need not to be to much worried about that.
    You are just lacking a little bit of confidence. So please just boost up your confidence and as you know that you have good knowledge in your field so why to worry about anything.
    Just take sound sleep, eat well, do a little bit of work out. The best way to increase your health level is just take morning walk everyday.

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