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    Interns not performing their duties properly

    I am a Senior Resident working in a government hospital. Most of the interns in our hospital donít perform their duties properly and donít care about the patients at all. Sometimes they even behave rudely with the patients. I think this is certainly bad for their future as they should certainly learn to sympathize with the patients.How should I explain it to them?

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    Re: Interns not performing their duties properly

    You are their senior.so, they are like younger brothers and sisters for you.
    This is your duty to tell them what is good for them and what is bad for them.
    So, you should go to them and have a little conversion with them and try to make them aware of their duties.they will definately listen to you.
    If they won't listen to you then you must go to heigher authorities because with a warning from heigher will help them to be responsible towards their duties.

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    Re: Interns not performing their duties properly

    This is a serious issue because it is not only hampering the patients but also can put an adverse effect on their future.It can also hamper the reputation of your college.So you should look forward inorder to stop this kind of behaviour from the interns.You can take the following measures.

    -Call the concerned interns.
    -Tell the complaint against them.
    -Ask the reasons of such type of acts.
    -Since they have time to learn and improve,so explain their mistakes.
    -Tell the negative aspects of such type of behaviour.
    -Explain how this can hamper their future.
    -Boost them with words of responsibility and what is expected from them.
    -Request them to improve for their better future.
    -Also warn them and ask not to repeat such type of activities or behaviour that will compel the management to take adverse step against them.

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