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    Instructions to follow for getting the international work certificate?

    Recently I got an offer from Dubai and one of the requirement in their company is to have a international work certificate, Where to get that? Can you please give me the instructions to follow in order to get the international work certificate? Please give me the information as soon as possible. Thanks.

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    Re: Instructions to follow for getting the international work certificate?

    hello friendfirst of congregation to get offers.there is no any special thing to get a international certificate from the company.as your normal experience count as international certificate ifthe company is well reputable and multi national company that has several branch offices all over the world.generally this experience certificate has details of working naturedesignationimportance for the company of your working.generally this certificate provide by head office of company so you should contact here by your official members regarding your query.I hope you will get it without any so difficulty but it will take some extra timethanks

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