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    Increment only being reserved for the senior employees

    I am working in a software company. I have joined the company recently and just few days back I came to know that the company gives increment only to the senior employees while the junior employees are not given any increment. I donít think this is fair. How to deal with such unfairness?

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    Re: Increment only being reserved for the senior employees

    Hi aspirant

    I don't think you can challenge the rules of your company and as a matter of fact the employees have no say in the formation of company's policies. So you should not rebel in this way against your company's rules. You should have earlier tried to find all about your company and then should have taken the right decision. But as you didn't do anything in the first place you have no right to complain now. You should either leave this job or if you want to stay here, follow the rules of your company.

    But if you still think that this rule is unfair , then you should go and speak to your manager to satisfy yourself. Tell him that you very dissatisfied with the company's rule of not giving any increment to the junior employees and reserving the increment only for the senior ones. You hope that they will look into this and will make an amendment in this as soon as possible.You and many other employees want this rule to be amended and hope that you will take the employee's feelings into consideration.

    I hope that your manager listens to you. Good luck and Thanks

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