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    I was made redundant on sick leave

    I was on sick leave for the past four months because of the long treatment sessions that I needed. The leave has been an unpaid one. Before I went on leave I had a discussion with the manager about my condition and he said that I could join anytime. Two days back I received a letter telling me that I have been made redundant. Can the management do that without informing me first? What action can I take?

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    Re: I was made redundant on sick leave

    Hi friend

    Your management must surely have informed you priorly before making you redundant all of a sudden. It must certainly be a bolt from the blue for you and your family as well. So you should definitely not let your company do such injustice to you and leave you jobless. You should definitely drag your company to court for showing such irresponsible and immature behaviour and thus trying to spoil your career. They should certainly pay for the same and not behave in such a manner with the employees who have been working in their company for so many years.

    First of all what you should do is talk to your manager. Ask him the reason for making you redundant and that also when you were in your laeave period. Tell him that you have discuss your sickness matter with him before leaving and he has told you that there will be no problem if I take 4 months leave and that I can join as soon as I return from my leave. But now they have made you redundant without any prior information or warning .They should have atleast given you a hint so that you could have already statrted searching for a new job to secure your future. Now so much of your time has already been wasted as you were just informed recently and you have no job in hand.So tell him to give you your job back otherwise you will file a case against the company for the harassment of its employees. The company should take care of the employees rather than creating such big hurdles for them.

    Now if your management gives you back your job for the sake of reputation of their company then its ok but otherwise you should file a complaint against them for sure and sue them legally. Consult your lawyer too as he will guide you in the proper direction.

    Good luck friend and Thanks

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