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    I am scared of appraisals

    This is my first year of job. After every 6 months there is an appraisal in my company. I am scared because I have heard from my colleagues that it is a very serious thing. Can you tell me more about it? Please tell me some points to make sure that my appraisal is a good one.

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    Re: I am scared of appraisals

    Hi aspirant

    You should not be afraid of your appraisals and rather try to make it a worthwhile experience for you so that your company takes notice of your talent and thus give you the appreciation you deserve. During your appraisals, the employees are judged ,for the complete duration between the last and the current appraisal ,on the basis of their behaviour and performance. So the best thing for you would be to score the best you can by giving no reason to your management for deduction of your points.

    So basically you should work hard and with full dedication. Complete every task of yours on time and also put in maximum effort in your work so that your employer has no grudge against you. Think intelligently and creatively for doingevery task you are assigned. Try to do it differently from others. Another aspect is to maintain good relations with your higher officials like your manager and HR so that you remain in their good books. If your appraisal is excellent , then you can even be selected for a salary hike or a promotion but of course you should not expect such things in the first appraisal itself. Also you can be judged on other parameters depending upon what system your company is using.

    Friend, Dont be nervous and be confident of your calibre. Let your work speak for you. All the best and Thanks

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