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    I am not getting salary since 52 days from my previous company

    I worked in a software company for 6 months as a web developer trainee. But now I am not getting the salary of last 15 days of my work in that company from 52 days. The HR is not even interested to discuss about that and if I want to discuss they just saying don't disturb us we will inform you whenever the account department will approve we can't do anything. After that they cut the phone and not receiving my call. I am waiting from last 52 days now I want to know when I will get my remaining salary but very frustrated from company's management. Its not just that the company did not provide me the proper experience letter and documents also. Please tell me what to do should I wait for any information from company or take any other step?

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    Re: I am not getting salary since 52 days from my previous company

    Hi Dear, Instead of waiting for your previous company to reply to your calls, you should go and meet the HR team personally and get the salary issue sorted out. At times, phone calls are just not the right means to get our work done, so please go and meet them in person and you should even ask for your experience letter from the firm. The only condition is that you should have served a proper notice to your previous firm. Also, please do not be aggressive or irritated when you meet the HR, rather be assertive but pleasant in demanding for your rights... Thanks.

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