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    Huge amount deducted from my salary

    I was working in MNC company which is situated in Mumbai I am Quitting my job during probation period only. As per the company stated in my offer letter and appointment letter only 10 days notice was required during probation period, now they have deducted huge amount in my full and final settlement . I have been sent lot of mail regarding this concern but they haven't replied . Please show me the way to get full amount.

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    Re: Huge amount deducted from my salary

    Hello Friend,

    There are many a sip between the cup and the lip, The rules and regulations in MNCs vary from company to company. There is a difference between the 10days notice period mentioned on the offer letter and actual situation. You have to visit your company and talk to the concerned authority about this issue along with your offer letter. If needed you should show him the 10 days notice period clause to him. These day all MNCs lack moral and professional ethics and this leds to situation like this.

    You should also talk to a lawyer and ask him whether your previous company has the right to deduct huge amount from your salary or not. You have the evidence i.e the call letter so it can prove handy. A lawyer is the best person to sort out problems like this.


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    Re: Huge amount deducted from my salary

    hello guest,
    if you are right and following the rule no one can stop you and no one can deduct your salary.
    if they have done this then surely you should complain.
    as you have mentioned that you have already written a lot of mails so in my view now you should take the help of law and police.
    you may take the help of RTI (right to information act).according to this act you have the right to know why they have deducted your salary.
    so,first find out the reason then if the reason is invalid the register a FIR.
    thank you!!!

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