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    HR norms for reducing stress at work?

    What are the HR norms for employee’s entertainment to reduce the level of stress? As we don’t have any problem in working for extra hours but in return need some stress reducing activities too.

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    Dreams Array
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    Re: HR norms for reducing stress at work?


    yah now a days its nessesary to reduse work load.

    some times due to heavy work load the persones get irrited

    and cant work properly.

    so for this play a games like housee,drum sheraj.

    by playing such a games you can fresh n up their mindes.

    and when they come back to work they work nicely.

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    Re: HR norms for reducing stress at work?

    Hi friend,
    It is necessary to get refreshment in the work place. If you work the 8 hours effectively no need to work extra hours.

    HR norms to reduce work pressure are:
    *Ask them to provide WAH (Work At Home) policy. It reduces travelling headache and saves 2 to 3 hours but it is also not every day, WAH will be once in a week. It avoids extra hours of work in office. They can go to home and work if necessary. For females it is very helpful.

    *Providing rest room where employee can take nap if he is not feeling well.

    *Providing Jim which has all the indoor games at a place. It is very much creative thought to have indoor games.

    Try these it will always helpful. Keep smiling. All is well don't worry.

    Thanks and Regards.

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    Re: HR norms for reducing stress at work?

    Dear friend,

    Following are the few methods by which employees workload stress can be reduced -

    * Fun activities
    * Management games
    * Outing and trekking
    * Organizing workshop and presentation for stress management.
    * Establishment of gym and game joints.
    * Refreshment and coffee joint.
    * Restroom and smoking zone.
    * Alternate offs.
    * Proper breaks during working hours.
    * WAH (work at home) policy.

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    Re: HR norms for reducing stress at work?


    Dear Friend

    yes there are some norms that should be adapted to reduce the stress on the employees due to continuous work pressure..

    Here are some of them the HR should adopt..

    Breaks at regular intervals..
    Fun zone in the office
    Refreshment zone
    Work at home policy
    Friendly environment
    Alternate leaves to the employees

    So just implement these and see the result in the performance of the employees..


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    Re: HR norms for reducing stress at work?

    Dear Aspirant,

    It is necessary that arrangement must be there to reduce the work load.This can be done with the following points:-

    1. provision of common room with colour TV.

    2. Proper facility for indoor games.

    3. Motivation policy for the employees.

    4. If possible adopting work at home policy.

    5. Get togther programme on the important occasion.

    6.Provision of canteen in the campus.

    7.provision of compensation leave in lieu of extra work done.


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    Re: HR norms for reducing stress at work?

    It is very important to beat stress at work.
    You can do this by conducting several activities.
    -->>You can arrange a session in which everyone will have a group discussion .
    -->>YOu can arrange some fun games.
    -->>YOu can arrange fun quizes.
    -->>YOu can also conduct a movie screening.
    -->>Arrange exhibtions of art and craft and encourage the employees to participate.
    Thank you

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