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    How would you hire a person for a job?

    If you have to hire someone for your job what qualities would you look for? What is the correct answer to this question without offending the interviewer. My first response was to talk about my qualities but I don’t think that is the correct answer.

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    Re: How would you hire a person for a job?


    Procedure to hire a person for a job : Most of the companies have a common question and interview asker ask a question and why should hire you .This type of questions will be asked during a Interview examination .

    You have to show a your interview in unique way and you have to concentrate on unique qualities .

    The start by looking at the job description and or posting and you have to do a inventory to determine .

    If you have a technical ,Communication and Confidence skills then you can receive a success in Interview .The Interviewer want to know that you have been listening a problem and explain for your problem .

    You must remember during question of Interview asker you have to choose a true track and don't choose a false track.

    You have to give a answer of questions in right way .This is a proper way to hire a person for a Job .


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    Re: How would you hire a person for a job?

    hello friendit is very interesting question.as to identify the correct candidate these qualities should be have hiring candidates.first of all you should set the designation where he/she will work and what will be the project for working.after this these equalities should be ask for employees to fill the vacant job-good communications skills-pleasant personality- good knowledge about dynamic things or work- willing to work at any conditions- capabilities to born all solutions In critical conditions-challenging candidate- quick responsible for his/her duty.so you should ask these qualities in vacancy advertising.all the best

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