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    How will I make the employees to work if the boss is not paying them in time?

    I am the HR of a small medicine manufacturing company. We have some 250 workers working and 10 employees working who take care of administration part. Workers’ wages are paid correctly and if it is delayed they never bother us so much. Only the problem is with the employees, their salary are not paid in time. Most of the employees are threatening to leave the company if their salary is not paid in time. I have tried my best to this matter to the boss. He is not listening to my concern. What should I do? How should I handle such situation as an HR?

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    Re: How will I make the employees to work if the boss is not paying them in time?

    Dear you are a Human Resource Officer that is very important part of the company because everything is managed by HR Officer in case of salary and other allowances to the employees and workers and HR is managed by the owner of the company because owner is owner and everyone has to listen to him then only the company will run and if you are getting threatens from the employees and they are being angry at you then you should take the favor of employees in this case because one day you may find yourself well the employee as they are doing because when your boss is not listening of 250 then how will he listen you if you will not get the salary on time so you will be against your boss so you should talk to all the employees that you are not responsible for anything

    When they comes then say that boss did not allow you to give you your salaries on time that is why I am sorry to say that I can not pay you your salary at this time and if you have any type of issue regarding salary then you should meet the boss or call them and make argument with them about your problem but do not come out here again and again to ask me about the salary and if you get success in sending employees to the boss then employees will be as a crowd and then boss will see that what is the actual problem and realize your responsibilities and when all the employees will fight him for the salary then he will understand your situation right there and possibly he will either pay the salary on time and keep this process continue and or if he make any decision that no body will get salary on time then employees will see him right there and may be that some of the resigns on the spot and do not take favor of your boss because they may complain about this issue in court so you should save yourself from both parts and take a solution

    All the best

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