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    How to tell your coworker that you donít want to be friends?

    How do I tell my co worker that I donít want to be friends and I like our working relationship and will want to maintain it. I like her work and admire her for her professionalism but I donít want her prying in my private life.

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    Re: How to tell your coworker that you donít want to be friends?

    Hi.. This is certainly a very tricky situation for you as you have to refuse someone for not being friends with her when that person wants to be friendly with you..Firstly i dont think making friends will hurt you..Rather it will be good to have someone at your workplace with whom you can spend time and share your feelings..But ofcourse i can understand your point also that she may want to know about your personal life too which you dont want to share with her..

    I think what you can do is directly tell her what is in your mind and dont be shy or afraid that you will hurt her feelings..Tell her in such a way that you dont her feelings plus get your back also..Tell her that you admire her work and professionalism but you dont like to discuss your personal life with anyone due to your nature..So you would love to be friends with her but only at a professional level..So in this way you arent denying her your friendship also plus also getting your own way..I am sure she will understand your feelings ..

    Good luck

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