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    How should we prepare vendor evaluation form?

    I am working as an HR in a software company called Cognos. We have agreement with various vendors for trainings course materials and various other things. My manager has told to prepare Vendor evaluation form to segregate best vendor from whom we can take and give the business. How to prepare this vendor evaluation form? Please help.

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    Re: How should we prepare vendor evaluation form?


    Procedure to prepare vendor Evaluation form :
    If you want to prepare a Vendor Evaluation form then you have to choose a core vendors and make a difference between a employing technology ,effectively and profitably .

    Now you can start prepare vendor evaluation form and it should not more than of 500 pages .

    The document used in Vendor evaluation form provides a sufficient information to allow a vendor evaluation team .

    There are various factors you have include in vendor evaluation form like Company name,Address and Legal form .Also give a information about a number of Employees of headquarters .

    The vendor evaluation on the basis of following columns are :

    >>> Credit rating

    >>> Reputation of Company

    >>> Overall Quality of Production

    >>> Quality of design compared to specification and sales staff


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    Re: How should we prepare vendor evaluation form?

    i can't download the form, can someone help me? thanks!

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