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    How should I ask for getting hike in my salary?

    I am working in a private company for the past two years and have not got any increment in salary till now. My performance has been consistent and it is getting better day by day. So I want to get an increment in my salary. How to ask for getting the hike in my salary?

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    Re: How should I ask for getting hike in my salary?

    Hi friend

    I think you should show patience in this matter and the rules and policies regarding the salary hike vary from company to company and you should therefore wait for the right time to avail your salary hike. You should wait for some more time like a few months. Even if till then you don't get your hike then you should go to your manager and talk to him regarding the same. If you are sure about your performance then you should definitely go and have a chat with your manager.

    Tell him that it has been 2 years since you have joined the company. You have always been a consistent performer and have always been appreciated for your efforts. Buit it is very sad that you haven't got a salary hike till now. You really want to klnow the reason for the same and if there are any shortcomings in you that are preventing them to give you an increment in your salary. You hope that he will look into this matter and will give you the deserved hike.

    I am sure that your manager will definitely help you out in this matter and then you too will be satisfied. Good luck and thanks

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    Re: How should I ask for getting hike in my salary?

    Hello Dear Dude ...

    Follow the below steps carefully

    First of all you must make a list of all your Accomplishments

    You must have forward looking approach

    Give your Boss / Management a Choice

    No boss will entertain a request of paying you more for doing the same job

    Show all your Positives

    And explain about the Work Experience

    You must be very convinced while asking ...etc.,


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    Re: How should I ask for getting hike in my salary?


    Apprisals are done by the companies according to the bell curve system...hence it might be possible that for a year you will not get any increment, but if the same is happening for 2 or more years then there should be some issue with you or the employer...
    First of alll judge your self and understand the issues which is logical...
    Discuss your issue with your boss and try to express the good things you have done in the last FY...and what are the new initiative are taken...
    Understand very carefully, that if you meet your KRA, you are not helping the company to grow...that is your basis duty... you have to be part of growing process and hence in every organisation beyond KRA is taken into consideration while tking the apprisal...

    This is very important..
    judge how you have taken part in growing the company beyond your KRA....discuss this with your boss.

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