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    How to save my career as well as an innocent person?

    I am a lawyer practicing in one of the local courts of our region. Due to lose in previous few cases, I have got a setback in my career. Now I have got a case which I can win and enrich my professional career. But on the other hand. If I do so,an innocent will be punished. What should I do in this situation where winning the case is very important from my career point of view ?

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    Re: How to save my career as well as an innocent person?

    Hi aspirant

    I don't think you should get an innocent person punished just for the sake of saving your career. If you believe in God,then you know that he will certainly punish you for this hideous crime. You may get more chances of saving your career but that inocent person will not get another chance and his whole life will be destroyed due to this false allegiance against followed by the punishment. Thus you should think about him and his family rather than just thinking of yourself and your career.

    Thus friend, give a lot of thought to this matter before reaching a conclusion as I think God is trying to test you here. If you give that person a chance and save him from being wrongly acccused, then I think God will automatically give you a very good chance to save your career afterwards. But of course you should keep your expectations under check.

    I hope you understand my point friend. Give a thought to my advice before taking a decision. I think you should go in the favour of justice and thus base your decision on that only. Dont deviate from the right path. All the best and Thanks

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