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    How to reply to boss if task not completed on time?

    I have been working in a MNC for the past few years. Till now I have completed all the tasks assigned to me. But recently I failed in completing a task assigned to me. How should I communicate this to my boss so that the future implication of this is not very bad and does not affect my career?

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    Re: How to reply to boss if task not completed on time?

    Dear aspirant,
    don't be nervous just put your reason or problems that really affects your project and so that you couldn't complete your project in time and convince your boss to give one more chance to prove your self .I hope your boss will understand you.

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    Re: How to reply to boss if task not completed on time?

    Hi buddy

    In most of the MNC's the employees are required to complete their tasks on time. So ofcourse if any employee doesn't complete his task on time, then he is going to certainly have to bear its repercussions. But if you have always completed your tasks on time but this is the first time when you have faltered, then you should not worry much as according to me you certainly deserve a second chance and I am sure your boss will also have the same opinion.

    You should certainly go and talk this out with your boss before he comes to know about it from somewhere else.Tell him that you are really sorry that you couldn't complete the task assigned to you recently. In the past you have completed all your tasks on time and in this task too, you have given your best but sadly you couldn't complete it on time. You really hope that he will forgive you this time and will give you another chance. You assure him that you won't give him any reason for complaint in the future.

    I hope that your boss will understand you and thus hopefully will give you another chance. good luck for your future

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    Re: How to reply to boss if task not completed on time?

    Hello ,
    Such situations do come up where one is not able to complete a task before the deadline .
    It depends on the urgency of the task assigned to you but i think you should be frank and polite to your boss
    and tell him that the task is not yet complete . Although you have been working on the task with full interest , you fell short .

    As you have never done it before , your boss will totally understand as its human nature to make errors .
    you can also mention if you had a geniune reason that could not work on the project .
    Although , repeating such events will surely create a bad impression but if its your first time in years , it will
    be such a issue .
    Confirm and assure him that he will finish it as soon as possible and will be extra carefull from next time .
    Hope it helps you .
    Thank you !

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    Re: How to reply to boss if task not completed on time?

    Hello, I will suggest you to inform your boss about the incompletion of the work as soon as possible.As per your post it is clear that your previoys performances has been done efficiently.Bit unfortunately this time it didnt work.Give proper reasons which hampered in your work to be finished on time.If he is convinced by your reason then he may consider your issue.Dont dare to give any lame excuse just for the sake of saying.

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    Re: How to reply to boss if task not completed on time?

    don't be afraid it happens to every body sometimes you may not complete the assigned work in time but you have been upto date till now as you have stated above.but keep in mind that you should never give chance to anybody to point at any point of time,because you need to curtail and control office politics.. you should directly communicate about your late submission of project assigned to you.. don't convey any information to your boss through other people as they can miscommunicate.. i don't feel this is serious concern but ask him 2 days of time to complete your work.. all the best

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    Re: How to reply to boss if task not completed on time?

    Dear if you are working in MNC from past few years then you have definitely made a good image in the company and have completed so many projects and tasks on time and there is no person in the world who have never committed any mistake in his/her life that is why mistakes are committed by the people not others and you should not take it negative because when you have got failed in completing a work then no problem, you have provided so many projects completed on time and this thing will save you from the boss but in this case you should not afraid of your boss and must go to boss then communicate them and mention the entire procedure and efforts whatever you have done for the project and if your boss found you true then he will not say anything to you because your boss also know that you are the one who have given so many completed tasks on time and I expect that he will consider you right at your position and you must say sorry to your boss because this is your mistake and lack of efforts that you couldn't complete a single work on time because this will effect the reputation of the company and clients will not be satisfied with the company so your boss will feel shame during to facing client and this will not be good for your boss so first you should say sorry to your boss and request your boss to give you some more time to complete that work because if you couldn't then you can do it again so ask for some more time and complete that work

    All the best

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