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    How to refuse an offer from my management without disrespecting them?

    I am working in a MNC. My company is offering me to work in one of their sister concerns in USA but I am not at all comfortable in leaving my family here and going to USA. So I have decided to refuse them. But in what manner should I refuse my management so that it doesn’t look rude?

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    Re: How to refuse an offer from my management without disrespecting them?

    First of all you must be clear behind the reason for which you don't want to work in USA. Like if they give you opportunity to take your family with you than will

    it be ok to you or will you be able to work.

    So just first think about all aspects very clearly before going to your management as some times you are not ready for such questions and thus bringing you in

    awkward situation.

    Now as you are not willing due to family reasons which is a genuine reason and also a priority thing that varies from person to person so their is no problem and

    explaining the same reason to your management.

    Tell them that you feel very privileged that they have chosen him for such a big opportunity and thus you heartily thank them for it, but you won't be

    comfortable working there as you feel very much concerned about your family behind you as their and thus will not be able to concentrate on your work thinking

    of them and the problems they might face without you.

    It will not look rude to them as it is a genuine reason which every body understands.

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