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    How to rebuild self confidence in the employee who has lost it because of his failure in his work?

    We have one employee in our office who is very good in his work. Recently he was given a project which he could not do it properly. His manager has scolded him and told that he is not fit to be in this office in front of everybody. He has lost his confidence. Can anybody tell me how to rebuild his self confidence? What are the techniques available to do that? Please suggest.

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    Re: How to rebuild self confidence in the employee who has lost it because of his failure in his work?

    Dear Friend,

    Not to worry, you can build self confidence in you .I know there are some bad times in every one's life but you are advised.

    As you said you failed in work given to you , noting to worry many times in life we fail does'nt mean we are not capable. Try to boost your confidence and to do some thing to improve your self.


    Following things should make your confidence boost up well, try these things::

    1.Set an Intention

    2.Be true to yourself

    3.Maintain the Diet

    4.Don't compare yourself to others

    5.Create a uplifting environment

    6.Spend time with confident people

    7.Do something helpful to others

    8.Do something creative

    9.`Create positive affirmation in yourself

    10. Appreciate your own steps

    Also try to read some books to help you improve better.

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    Re: How to rebuild self confidence in the employee who has lost it because of his failure in his work?

    Hi. Its very sad that a person who is capable of doing so much has lost his confidence. I completely sympathesize with him and am really happy that you are trying to help him.

    In order to boost his confidence you should give him certain tasks in which he is the best. He is sure to excel in them and this will help in rebuilding his confidence.

    These tasks may not be necessarily be related to officework but may even be related to other activities in which he is awesome like a game or some recreational activity.

    Once he gets his self confidence back, he will surely improve his office work also and thus be more efficient.

    Also in office use encouraging words whenever possible even if its related to some small work which he has completed.

    Also try to make him remember all those projects in previous years which he had completed successfully and for which he was applauded or the goals which he achieved. This will surely give him more confidence.

    Also try to divert his attention from work during freetime and make him take up some activity which will refresh him or you can take him outdoors to the malls, market etc.

    Hoping i have solved your query. Thanks. Best of luck

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