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    How to prevent por manager from terminating my friends?

    I am working in an automobile company. Recently some of my friends went to some mall during the lunch break and did not return after the break. Also they did not inform anyone. I was absent on that day. Now my manager is thinking of terminating them as they have been previously also involved in such a thing. I really want to save them. How should I prevent this?

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    Re: How to prevent por manager from terminating my friends?

    You cannot do much in this as an employee of the company in this situation, trying to do anything can effect your position as an employee.

    See your boss is forced to take such decisions as your friends are repeatedly breaking the rules and this is effecting the discipline of the company.

    So for the sake of the maintaining the discipline of the company your boss is taking such decisions.

    Now if you will try and do something it can effect your job also as your boss is right now very much angry with such indiscipline of the employees.

    So if you want to help them instead of doing something by yourself you can suggest your friends to go together to your boss and ask for a last

    chance with an apology letter.

    Tell them to ask for a last chance and make your boss sure that they won't be involved in such acts in future.

    This is only the last option left for them to save their jobs. Possibly your boss might give them one more chance.

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