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    How to prepare for presentation during conferences?

    I work in a MNC. Recently the boss of our company has shouldered me the responsibility to express the next plan of the company in a conference through ppt presentation. As I am nervous,so can you please help me by giving the tips for preparation for the presentation?

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    Re: How to prepare for presentation during conferences?

    Re: How to prepare for presentation during conference?

    I think write the paper well ahead of tome, send a complete copy of the paper to the chair and the

    Tips of Presentation:

    1. Be confident.
    2. you can practice makes perfect.
    3. Be naturally humorous.
    4. Start with your key talking points.
    5. write a script.
    6. Find your speaking style.
    7. Find your comfort zone.

    So you can follow the above steps you can do it.


    GOOD LUCK.............

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    Re: How to prepare for presentation during conferences?

    Dear aspirant,
    Don't be nervous just start to gather row material of your presentation use PPT slides for extra ordinary presentation use some charts and pics and start to make presentation slides with power point.finish it with some out puts having good charts.

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    Re: How to prepare for presentation during conferences?

    Hello Friend,
    To deliver a good presentation you need to focus on these areas mainly.
    1) Research your audience
    2) Structuring your presentation
    3) Practice, practice, practiceÖbut don't memorize

    Researching your audience : means to what age audience you will be delivering your presentation ,if they are the higher management then you should have a clear picture of what you are saying and should have all relevant proofs with you ,if this is in front of the client then you should include stats of previous performances to give support to your PPT.
    if they are just colleague here you can experiment a bit and come up with new idea on which there may be a debate. so according to the audience plan your PPT.
    Now the structure of the presentation : is pretty much important to have a arranged PPT,you should have a good opening section with agenda or contents and introduction to few critical things which will be touched in detail in middle and if this section is good then audience will sit tight to listen about those parts in the body.
    in body part describe all the things in detail but in point wise form .just keep all the important points in PPT rest all you can add while you are speaking.add diagrams,stats,reports or proofs in addition to the theory.
    now closing part consist of Thank you and a slide asking from audiences regarding there queries.
    you can also add references and acronyms in the closing section

    remember that all font size should be same in the PPT,dont make it too much colorful or graphic..keep it simple.

    3-practice part:this part is important because how good your ppt may be but if you fail to deliver it then its a waste .prepare well and prepare which type of questions may be asked.
    dont get nervous among the crowd.keep your nerves down and you will get success.
    Thank you.

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    Re: How to prepare for presentation during conferences?

    Dear Aspirant,
    It will be better to use a projector & floppy containing full details of the matter.It will be very easy to give presentation with the projectoer.if it is not possible,get ready the hard copy of the concerned mateer & distribute to all the participants before starting your speach.The hard copy should be handed over in a attractive bag/Plastic folder along with a note book & Gel pen.

    Also you should have arrangements for refreshemnet & good dinner to have in between the conference.Lastly you shoud have paper to get feed back of the classes & other arrangements made by you.Also you shoud have a group photograph for your record.

    Thanks & good luck.


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