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    How to prepare Business proposal for a school?

    I had applied for the post of “Marketing Manager” of an International School. I recently got a mail and the recruiter want me to prepare a business proposal for the same. Can you please help me in it as I have never prepared it before and don’t know how to make it impressive?

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    Ravi Kiran Mohapatra Array
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    Re: How to prepare Business proposal for a school?

    Steps are:
    1.Study the business model .
    2.Expand the business model.
    3.Identify, in broad strokes, potential for growth in the model. The karate school might include notes about opening additional branches as business expands.
    4.Investigate the industry as a whole, including trends, best practices and major competition in your area of operation.
    5.Investigate the finances surrounding the proposal. Learn how much you can charge for your product or service and how much the business will cost to run. Research market trends sufficiently to make a reasonable estimate of how the business will perform during its first months of growth.
    6.Research government regulation and major court cases involving the industry as a whole, similar companies and technologies important to your business.
    7.Perform a SWOT analysis, researching in detail the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for and threats against your business case.
    8.Research the individuals and organizations to whom you will present this proposal. Know how your proposal will benefit the organization and know enough personal information to make good conversation with the people you will approach.
    9.Compile and customize the document.
    10.Edit the document, adhering to strict formal writing conventions.
    11.Format the document, adding charts, diagrams and other graphics to make it easier to read.

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    Re: How to prepare Business proposal for a school?

    Consider these points while preparing a model:
    Identify your target that is which type of school you are going to open primary, secondary.....(here is an international school)
    Search for the facilities(can take help of internet) that a normal international school provides add it in your model
    Identify what extra things you can include in your school
    Create a budget plan (most important)
    Find possible funding agencies.
    Find your faculty requirements
    Find a building plan needed area etc.
    Find government approval and rules regarding opening a school
    Other staff requirements

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    Re: How to prepare Business proposal for a school?

    Hello Dear Friend.....

    You can prepare a business plan for a school......

    You should remember these below point which are i am giving for you .....

    & Mission

    & Vision

    & nature , Issues

    & Benefits from school

    & Curriculum development

    & Academic policies

    & Academic assesment

    & Facilities

    & Equipment

    & Faculty

    & Staff

    & Initial cost

    & Administration requirements

    & Organizational requirements.....


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