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    How to prepare bonus policy?

    I have joined Raj office consultancy recently as an HR admin. It provides employees on contract basis to different company. My manager has told me to prepare bonus policy for the employees who are on our behalf in clients place. Can anybody help me in preparing the Bonus policy?

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    Re: How to prepare bonus policy?

    In the bonus policy,company give bonus to employee according to their company's profit.
    It vary year by year according to company's bonus policy and profit.

    In the bonus policy some topic should be taken in consider such as eligibility,Award category,qualification and makes rules & right in the bonus policy and according to it , give the bonus to employee.

    In the bonus policy eligibility also so much important.In that ,there should be rules that bonus only paid for some employee who having at least 1 year experience,regular attendance,regular work and performance.

    Award category
    In the bonus policy,there should also exist the award category.employee who having the best performance throughout the year and give maximum benefit to company ,company should give them award.

    In the bonus policy,bonus also should given according to employee's performance and qualities such as team work,attitude,loyality,leadership,producibility,sk ill,interpersonal skill,self-motivation etc.

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    Re: How to prepare bonus policy?

    write a bonus plan make sure that it is easy to understand. Make sure that the bonus target is one that is obtainable. You want the plan to drive your employees behavior and make them better.

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