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    How to motivate students being a teacher?

    I have recently been recruited as a teacher in a high school. The principal said that I should also motivate my students along with imparting good teaching. So I want to know being a teacher,how should I motivate the students and what motivation should I give them.

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    Re: How to motivate students being a teacher?

    You can motivate your students by appreciating their work, intelligence and also other curricular activities performed by them.
    Try to hit at the better part of each and every one....
    Tell them that their parents are doing a lot for them and they can make their parents feel happy and proud by just getting few good marks....this will motivate some of the students who have soft heart. For every student try to adopt the method which suits the personality of a particular student.

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    Re: How to motivate students being a teacher?

    Dear Friend

    In order to motivate the students being a teacher you must do the following things :

    >>First of all give them inspirations of some great men so that they can get motivated.

    >>Other than syllabus give them classes based upon motivational techniques.

    Motivation is an important factor for achieving success in life.

    Second most important thing is that please appreciate the good work of students and their presence of mind.

    Provide them suggestions at regular interval for better future.

    Hope the information helps you and if you any other query related to it then please leave it here .

    all the best


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    Re: How to motivate students being a teacher?

    Dear person*******
    ++++++++++++Try these steps for this issue++++++++

    **********I am sure they will respond only if you show some aggressiveness in your behavior.

    **********otherwise they will keep on giving you a future date for your experience letter.

    **********One more thing that you should is while drafting the mail just keep in CC the other higher official .

    **********company such as Manager, CEO or every other Higher official. This will help you to get your work done very soon.

    **********If the above mentioned trick does not work then its better to complain

    **********to that company against the labor court. Write a complain and attach all the mails

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    Re: How to motivate students being a teacher?

    your principal did a good thing and moivation is the thing that should come from your heart and not from your mouth.motivating students can help them to become a good citizen and good person in future.
    there are many ways to motivates students by showing some good pictures of some great persons and their work in their respective field.
    show them how the present scenario is changing by the physically handicapped things which were prepared by them and say them how the technology has been changed with developments.
    you can provide some real time situations by taking them to orphanages or to any old age homes and say them what is happening to them and what is the situation they are facing today in this world.
    tell them how to get rid of these situation and how to tackle this in future.
    thank you..............

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    Re: How to motivate students being a teacher?

    Its good that your interested in teaching students with motivation. Inspiration is what you need to install in the minds of children in order to develop a childís growth and development .. the basic point to every teacher to motivate a child is to communicate with he or she to know their strengths and weakness in their academics and subject knowledge.. communicating with each student will be good and they fulfill your expectations now its ridiculous to expect students that all of them score a 100% marks in subjects marks are not the ultimate goal teach students with examples and the concept and stick to the basics even when you go around the tough subjects.. whenever a student fails you donít need to set others example and discourage them in front of others which all the students who have achieved good marks in their exams all is important is that you personally ask what went wrong and what he /she lacks in basics for example students often fail in mathematics is due to unknown basics and they lack fundamentals in mathematics ..its easy subject but you require strong basics to excel in maths .. so all I want to tell you that teach basic and good fundamental knowledge to students in particular deal with concepts in your subjects and the salient points so that students grab with a strong knowledge .. so always when students fail donít compare with others to make it an sign of improvement you always present a picture of success in which you present a positive atmosphere where you encourage students who lack fundamentals ..

    We cannot bring change in fortnight so what ever we do should be helpful to students in terms of learning things and techniques easily than to complicate things in a different ways.. you can motivate students with competition and various activities and make the classroom a room of joy where you teach children with love and patience and you need to change the perspective of viewing things make them mentally strong to challenges and give the freedom to express themselves.. talk to the management if you find a topic different and which require complex analysis for explaining things usage of power point in ms office can also update the knowledge take students and give power point presentations to enhance their imagination and update their knowledge you should have the approval for it from principal.. do your best in telling students to develop interpersonal skills and communication skills must have some seminar by that you can enhance their mental stability and body language.. so there are some inspirational sessions you need to show children and inspire them get the zeal and enthusiasm to grow in the children.. all the best

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    Re: How to motivate students being a teacher?

    Hi friend,

    steps to motivate students being a teacher:

    1.spend time with them

    2.explain them clearly where they are lagging

    3.explain the importance of punctuality

    4.explain them regarding the behaviour

    5.praise the students

    6.expect excellence

    7.spread excitement like a virus

    8.pick start of class music

    all the best

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